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    Our 2-Day Road Trip Guide to Cervantes

    With our favourite season almost in full shine, you must be eager to hit the road and explore some of the best gems our beautiful state has to offer. Now choosing the right place is not the easiest of choices to be made, especially with so many great locations to narrow it down from. Well, […]

    Five things you didn’t know about our state’s favourite aquatic creature

    With our favourite sunny season finally here to thaw our bodies from one of our frostiest winters yet, it is now the perfect time to book your seal adventure with us!   As a crowd favourite, those planning on visiting Cervantes with your family or friends can expect plenty of entertainment onboard. The fun ranges […]

    Sea Lions + Lobster Shack = Ultimate road trip

    One of the most unique things about Western Australia is that it is home to some of the most photogenic wildlife. We are so lucky to be home to the Australian Sea Lion, which not only is an endangered species but also are only found in two states of our fine country!   These creatures […]

    This Summers Ultimate Brew-mance

      The sun is shining again in beautiful WA, which means Summer time is almost here and so is your new Summer brew-mance. Our stock of locally produced Gage Road brews, our delicious lobster and your taste buds are sure to hit it off. If you think this one is going to be just a […]

    Top 10 Songs for a Classic Aussie Road Trip!

      If there is one thing us Aussies know is that it’s no road trip is complete without impromptu karaoke, breathless ballads and air guitars that can only be achieved with a killer playlist. So whether you’re a solo traveller, cruising with friends, family or playing taxi driver to the little ones over school holidays. […]