Cervantes is a lovely holiday destination for those visiting Western Australia or taking day trips from Perth. There are many beaches to visit and glorious sights to check out, like Lake Thetis, Hangover Bay, and Thirsty Point lookout. One of the best activities to enjoy when you visit this region is an Australian Sea Lion Tour. 

Sea lions are wonderful animals, with their charming long fore-flippers and adorable waddle. These animals also tend to be warm towards visitors. They enjoy the attention of adoring crowds and they love to entertain visitors with playful gestures.  

Why Lobster Shack Is the Best For A Sea Lion Tour

If you want to observe sea lions up close and personal in their natural habitat, then Lobster Shack’s Australian Sea Lion Tour is the perfect expedition to enjoy. Here is a quick look at the exciting activities you can expect to enjoy when you book a spot on these tours.

Travel By Boat

This expedition involves an exciting trip on Lobster Shack Charters. You will depart from Lobster Shack and need to check in 15 minutes before departure. The charter will gracefully glide through the water while you marvel at the beaches and scenic views of the approaching islands. 

Refreshments Provided

The Sea Lion Tour includes onboard refreshments that you can enjoy while traveling to and from the islands. Tasty drinks and fresh food prepared by Lobster Shack’s chefs will ensure that you stay hydrated and full of energy throughout your tour.

View the Sea Lions

These tours are a true adventure because you will travel to the islands around Cervantes to explore some of the rarest seals found on earth. While gliding through the waters, you will get a sneak peek of the sea lions in their natural habitat. 

You will also make a stop at the Cervantes Islands. Once on shore, you can see these sea lions interact with one another. Sea lions love to entertain visitors with their wits. They can sometimes be seen frolicking playfully or happily performing somersaults into the water. These aquatic animals are extremely playful and will provide you with hours of entertainment. 

Explore the Cervantes Islands

This group includes three islands: the North Cervantes Island, the Middle Cervantes Island, and the South Cervantes Island. 

The charter will stop at one of these islands so you can explore the natural beauty of the Turquoise Coast, as well as the beautiful vegetation and marvellous local wildlife. You will also be able to spend time on the beach where you can take a leisurely walk. 

Go Snorkelling

While you are spending time on the Cervantes Islands, you can also enjoy other activities like swimming. Snorkel sets are available onboard the boat, so you can take a plunge into the refreshing waters and try to catch a peek at some of the aquatic life around the island. 

Fine Dining At Lobster Shack

Once you return from your trip to the islands, you can also book a fine lunch for you and your company at Lobster Shack. This beloved restaurant is well known for its fresh seafood and hearty meals. With premium options like seafood cocktails, fresh oysters, steamed prawns, smoked salmon, fresh bread, pickled octopus and of course, rock lobster, you can replenish your energy before moving on to your next big adventure.

A visit to Cervantes and a close view of the beautiful Australian Sea Lions are a must when you visit Perth for a holiday break. Contact Lobster Shack today to learn more about this fun and family-friendly tour.

Please note that as of Monday May 3rd, Australian Sea Lion Tours have currently paused for winter. However, they will be back in full force on Saturday September 25th; we look forward to welcoming you onto our tours then!