If you ever find yourself in Cervantes, a coastal town in Western Australia, there’s a unique food experience you simply can’t miss – the Lobster Shack. This family-owned and operated business is renowned for its premium Western Australian lobsters, caught fresh from the wild and prepared meticulously to be savoured by seafood lovers worldwide. 

The Lobster Shack Story

Founded by the Thompson family in 2008 as Indian Ocean Rock Lobster, the Lobster Shack has come a long way. The Thompsons, with their immense knowledge of the sea and its bounties, established a lobster receival and processing facility. Today, rebranded as Lobster Shack, the family’s passion and dedication are evident in every premium-grade lobster they produce, including live and value-added products. They cater to both domestic and international markets, ensuring a taste of Western Australian Lobster is only ever a bite away, no matter where you are in the world.

Wild-Capture: Where Quality Meets Sustainability

Lobster Shack’s lobsters are wild-capture from the pristine waters of the ‘A’ Class Marine Park Reserve, just a stone’s throw from their home port of Cervantes. Each lobster is carefully caught and transferred into seawater holding tanks aboard their custom-built boats, before being landed at the pier, a short distance from their processing facility. 

In their pursuit of delivering the finest quality lobster, Lobster Shack has implemented best practices that minimise stress and damage to the stock during the catching phase. Their aim is to ensure that every lobster received is of the highest quality, promising a taste that is as delightful as it is responsible.

Processing Facility – A Commitment to Perfection

Lobster Shack’s state-of-the-art processing facility stands as a testament to their commitment to quality. Each lobster is examined and individually graded using Pro-line grading equipment by Marel. The lobsters are then held and purged in lanes, where aerated seawater, pumped directly from the ocean, flows through. 

Their newly purpose-built facility features a closed-circuit system, offering incremental control over the water environment. This guarantees optimum quality and extended holding periods for the lobsters as they are prepared for packing and shipping. Before export, experienced staff perform a final inspection, ensuring only the best lobsters make the journey to their destination.

Product Range – A Lobster for Every Occasion

Lobster Shack’s range of lobster products offers something for every palate. Their live lobsters, individually graded and packed for optimum health, promise a taste that is as fresh as the ocean. They also offer raw whole lobster, frozen or chilled, meticulously prepared and packed to suit client requirements.

If it’s the delicious taste of steamed lobster you crave, Lobster Shack’s continuous steaming process ensures the nutritious proteins are locked in, guaranteeing the finest quality product. Their steamed whole lobsters, available frozen or chilled, are carefully prepared to deliver a premium tasting experience.

Fancy a half-lobster? Then Lobster Shack’s Lobster Splits are the ideal choice. Using a custom-designed, state-of-the-art splitting machine, each lobster is ‘split’ into two precise halves. These portions are then individually quick-frozen in their state-of-the-art blast freezers, ensuring that the lobsters’ freshness is sealed in, ready to be relished upon thawing.

The Lobster Shack also offers lobster tails, the perfect solution for anyone who values ease of preparation. These tails, shipped in convenient 5kg or 10kg cartons, offer that ‘just-caught’ freshness that is synonymous with the Lobster Shack.

A Unique Journey from Ocean to Plate

After catching, the lobsters’ journey to your plate is unique and meticulous, reflecting Lobster Shack’s unwavering commitment to quality. Their innovative steaming and freezing processes seal in the delicious flavour, retaining the nutritious protein that makes lobsters a healthy choice. 

Using state-of-the-art blast freezers, the freshness is captured, and the meat is sealed in such a way that the firmness, taste, and excellent texture for which the Western Rock Lobster is famous, is fully retained when thawed. 

For shipping, Lobster Shack relies on their fleet of trucks, delivering directly to the most expedient air transport connections at Perth International Airport. This ensures the lobsters arrive at their destination in the minimum time and in the best condition possible.


From wild-capture in the pristine waters of Western Australia to intricate preparation and processing, every step of the Lobster Shack’s journey is dedicated to providing the best quality lobster. Their respect for the environment and their commitment to sustainability make them a leader in the industry, and their passion for quality makes their lobsters an unmissable culinary delight. At the Lobster Shack, it’s not just about seafood; it’s about the love for the ocean, the community, and the promise of a quality meal in every bite.