Our Sea Lion Tours have Returned!

Along the Coral Coast Highway, you’re introduced to many seaside towns; each town has its own unique personality, but one seaside town stands out from the rest. That’s right, it’s our very own Cervantes!

Known for its laidback vibe, Cervantes is a beautiful fishing town nestled right on the beachfront. It is the typical spot for those seeking fishing holidays, quick yet memorable day trips or wholesome family getaways. When in Cervantes, the Lobster Shack is an unmissable attraction. For those who appreciate seafood, a tour of the lobster factory paired with a delicious lobster lunch promises an experience to remember.


Cervantes is known for the world-famous Pinnacles, but there is plenty more to discover. Dive deeper into its natural splendour by exploring its vibrant beaches and rich reefs, perfect for snorkelling and exploring the Indian Ocean, or perhaps a visit to Lake Thetis to stand in awe at the stromatolites. The panoramic views from the Thirsty Point Lookout and Hansen Bay Lookout are sure to leave you fascinated. 


Yet, amidst the large number of available activities, the activity that stands out the most is Lobster Shack’s iconic Sea Lion Tours.

The changing of seasons is more than warmer weather; in Cervantes, it means the much-anticipated return of the Sea Lion Tours at Lobster Shack. The significance of this season’s return cannot be understated, as the waters come alive with the playful nature of the sea lions, making for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 


Sea lions, with their lively spirit and boundless energy, have always been symbolic of the free and wild essence of the ocean. The sea lions found around Cervantes hold a special place in the world of marine biodiversity, being among the rarest seals globally. This rarity adds a layer of exclusivity, making them a sought-after experience for marine enthusiasts and casual travellers all around the world.


Their charm is unparalleled. As the boat approaches the Cervantes Islands, the shadows of the playful pups emerge, leaping, somersaulting, and playfully messing around with each other, putting on a natural show that’s both heartwarming and awe-inspiring. Their vibrant personalities and curious nature make every tour a unique and memorable experience that you won’t be able to wait to tell your friends and family about.


Diving Deeper into the Experience 

The Sea Lion Tour has been designed to provide a rich and fulfilling experience. Set against the beautiful backdrop of Cervantes, Western Australia, the tour spans 90 minutes.


The tour isn’t just about observation; it’s an invitation to truly engage with the marine world. As you approach the Cervantes Islands, you will easily be able to see the sea lions through the clear blue water and have many opportunities to capture beautiful photos to share on your socials or to just observe them and be completely present at the moment.


For those who want an even deeper connection, the tour encourages guests to take a plunge into the ocean. A dedicated swimming segment, which lasts up to 45 minutes, offers an opportunity to swim alongside these magnificent creatures. 


What sets us apart from our competition 

When choosing an excursion, especially one as unique as a Sea Lion Tour, the simplicity of the experience makes all the difference. Here’s what sets our tours apart:

Every Sea Lion Tour is more than just seeing the seals; it’s about being comfortable and enjoying yourself. We provide snorkels, goggles, and flippers, as well as pool noodles to help keep you afloat. 


Imagine finishing your marine tour with a gourmet lunch from Lobster Shack, savouring the rich flavours of the coast. For seafood lovers, there’s another enticing offer – the opportunity to take home a live lobster! This isn’t just a souvenir; it’s a tangible memory of your Cervantes experience, allowing you to re-live the fresh taste of the ocean long after your tour concludes.


Safety and Convenience 

Taking a sea lion tour with Lobster Shack is not just an ordinary activity; it’s an immersive experience. To ensure that this unique journey remains uninterrupted, there are certain prerequisites and guidelines that every visitor should be mindful of. 


First and foremost, the importance of early check-ins cannot be stressed enough. Cervantes, with its multitude of attractions, often finds visitors losing track of time. However, for the Sea Lion Tours, punctuality is a must. Arriving at the Lobster Shack 30 minutes prior to departure allows for adequate time to process the necessary paperwork, attend a brief orientation, and most importantly, ensure you don’t miss a single moment of this exciting voyage. 


Additionally, the sea lion tours are linked to the weather conditions. Lobster Shack places the utmost importance on the safety and comfort of its patrons, which means the tours operate strictly under favourable weather conditions. This dedication to safety ensures that every voyage into the heart of the ocean is safe. 


It’s also vital to understand that minimum passenger numbers are set for each tour. This measure helps provide a comfortable ride for every guest. On the off chance that a tour faces postponement due to weather constraints or insufficient bookings, Lobster Shack takes pride in its proactive communication, offering alternatives like rescheduling or a complete refund. 


To Rewind

In the heart of Cervantes, the Lobster Shack stands out as a beacon for those seeking authentic and memorable experiences. Whether it’s indulging in a delicious lobster lunch, an information-filled factory tour or embarking on a sea lion tour, there’s no shortage of wonders to experience. Add to this the panoramic views from the revered lookouts, the mesmerising wildflower season, and the thrill of four-wheeling across expansive dunes, and you have a destination that promises something for every traveller.


To all the travellers, families, and marine enthusiasts reading this, if there’s one takeaway from our journey through Cervantes, let it be this: the Lobster Shack’s Sea Lion Tour is more than just a highlight; it’s the heart of what makes Cervantes truly magical. Consider this not just an invitation, but a call to immerse in an experience unparalleled. Cervantes awaits. Will you answer its call?