There’s so much to see and do in beautiful Cervantes, and given that it’s only a couple of hours’ drive from Perth, it makes for a wonderful weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of city living. One of the most popular attractions in scenic Cervantes is its top-notch fishing spots all over the relatively small town, most of which can be done from the many beaches up and down the coast facing the Indian Ocean.

Hangover Bay

For quality evening fishing, head south from Cervantes (back towards Perth) and make a right on the gravel path just after the turnoff towards the Pinnacles (keep an eye on the road signs). Once there, enjoy some quality BBQ with friends and family, or head straight towards the bay for some excellent fishing opportunities before the sun goes down.

Here you’ll find plenty of Cobbler, Herring, Taylor, shark, Mulloway, Whiting, and plenty of crabs. Use appropriate bait and reel in the catches one by one; you won’t regret coming to this beautiful fishing spot.

Cervantes Jetty

Just a stone’s throw to the north from our Lobster Shack restaurant, you can find the Cervantes Jetty. Keep an eye out for big fuel tanks near the end of Catalonia Street and make a left into the car park (if arriving from the south or from Lobster Shack).

This spot is perfect for dawn and dusk fishing, and you’ll find plenty of Kingfish (Samson), Herring, Taylor, Mullaway, and Whiting in this area. Another great benefit of being at the Jetty is that you can enjoy the calm, salty breeze of the Indian Ocean whilst catching some tasty fish.

Cervantes Back Beach

Located in the south of Cervantes, Back Beach is a more secluded fishing spot perfect for more private peace and serenity. Head down Seville Street southbound and make a left on Barcelona Drive, then follow the gravel path to the Back Beach.

Once there, you’ll find peaceful waters filled with Mulloway, Taylor, shark, crabs, Herring, and Whiting. The breezes are somewhat milder than what you’ll find in the previous two fishing spots.

Thirsty Point

Located near the Cervantes Back Beach, Thirsty Point is just straight down Seville Street towards the ocean. The parking spot is located at the very end of Seville Street and Thirsty Point itself overlooks the Indian Ocean in all its splendour.

Just like at Cervantes Back Beach, you’ll find plenty of Whiting, Mulloway, Herring, Taylor, crabs, and shark.

Come To Lobster Shack for Some Tasty Rock Lobster

Last but not least, enjoy quality lobster cooked to perfection by coming into Lobster Shack for lunch. Our outdoor patio is perfect for sunny, warm days and the view is simply unbeatable. Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to try Rock Lobster fresh from the ocean, full of flavour and served with various sides to fill your belly for a long day of exploration and fishing adventures.

We also offer various tours to see Australian Sea Lions and tours of our newly refurbished Lobster Shack factory. When you visit Lobster Shack on your trip to Cervantes, you’ll be sure to have plenty to do, no matter whether you’re a keen fisherman or you simply want to try our world-famous Rock Lobster (or both!).

Lobster Shack

Come visit Lobster Shack in Cervantes today for an unforgettable experience.