Enjoy fresh, tasty meals at our Lobster Shack restaurant in Cervantes, WA. Naturally, our restaurant overlooking the scenic Indian Ocean is the perfect place for a beer or a basket of chips, but the real showstopper won’t be a surprise: our seafood, and in particular, our lobster dishes with fresh, Western Rock Lobster.

As with pretty much all seafood, freshness is one of the first things you should always consider before entering any restaurant. Well, rest assured that our lobster is as fresh as it gets. It may very well be some of the freshest lobster here in Australia, so make a point of trying one of our lobster dishes when you visit us in Cervantes to truly experience how good lobster really can be!

Our Very Own WA (Local) Rock Lobster

As you may have expected, the star of the show is our very own WA Rock Lobster. Our chefs prepare each grilled lobster to your satisfaction, along with a generous portion of garlic butter sauce to complement and bring out the full flavour profile of your lobster.

The most popular ways to bring out lobster’s full flavour has always been with butter and lemon, so feel free to squeeze a little on top of your freshly cracked lobster. Our rock lobster is available in half (medium-sized lobster) or whole (small-sized lobster). Each serving comes with a side of chips and salad.

WA (Local) Rock Lobster Seafood Chowder

To get your taste buds going without committing to a big meal, nothing beats our Rock Lobster Seafood Chowder. Of course, we use real lobster and a variety of other ingredients that accentuate the full flavour of the lobster, which is really something worth considering. You wouldn’t want the lobster to be drowned out by too many competing spices and flavours, which is why we’ve kept our recipe simple so that you can savour this local favourite.

We serve this dish in small and larger portions, so don’t hesitate to ask your waiter for advice on a good serving size for your appetite. Both servings come with fresh bread as well.

Shack Seafood Platter

Want the whole first catch of the day cooked and brought out to you on a platter? We can do that. Our Shack Seafood Platter is an excellent choice for large families or groups of visitors, so ask your waiter and they can give you a better idea of what to expect in terms of portion size.

To give you an idea, the platter comes with half grilled lobster, baked scallops, freshly-shucked oysters, Carnarvon king prawns, squid rings (salt and pepper flavour), battered Spanish mackerel, a bowl of seafood chowder, chips, and tartare sauce. The lobster can be upsized to jumbo size if desired.

Shack Summer Salad with Fresh Steamed Chilled Lobster

Leafy greens topped with feta, Spanish onions, fresh olives, cherry tomatoes, and avocado already sound delightful on a hot summer day, but why not go for the big boy/gal upgrade and add in a half WA (local) fresh steamed chilled lobster?

Lobster Shack Roll 

Burgers are a wonderful thing, aren’t they? Now imagine instead of a fresh beef patty you could swap it out for a fresh, chilled WA rock lobster covered in seafood sauce, topped with lettuce, and all wrapped into a fresh bread roll. No cracking required, just grab it with both hands and munch into a fresh lobster burger. Yum-yum.

Lobster Shack

Come to Cervantes and experience the freshness of our famous lobster right here at Lobster Shack.