There are many reasons to come down to Cervantes for a day or weekend getaway, but we’ve narrowed down five big reasons why you should come down for the famous surf (and turf) to be found in our beach town. 

1. Great Place to Sail

Get that ocean breeze billowing through your hair and feel the excitement of hitting the beautiful coastlines as you glide along Cervantes’ smooth, gentle waters. Windsurfing and kitesurfing are both popular activities for good reason. 

Whether from our own Cervantes beach located just next to Lobster Shack or Thirsty Point a little way south down the coastline, the surf is not to be missed. 

2. Great Weather Through Most of the Year

Cervantes does swell quite a bit in the summer months between October and March, and surfers will love these ideal conditions. During this period, the coastline that runs along Cervantes is perfectly windy for windsurfing and kitesurfing. 

To give some perspective, the wind is a little stronger than in Jurien Bay and other small communities nearby, but it isn’t so strong as to be dangerous. Generally, the wind in Cervantes tends to be stronger than elsewhere along the mid-west coast.

Beachsafe Australia ranks Cervantes beach and Thirsty Point at 1/10 and 2/10 respectively on the hazard scale (not at all hazardous). In other words, the wind is just right for sailing and there’s virtually no danger.

3. Clean Breeze, Clean Water, Clean Family Fun

One thing that many families love about Cervantes is that it provides a clean, wholesome family experience with something for everyone. The little ones can play and explore in our safe community while the little ones can try their hand at surfing.

Adults and children at heart (they’re really the same to us) will love the crystal clear water, plus it’s safe and clean enough to have a dip. 

4. Speed Windsurfing Events

How fast can you go? Windsurfing is a big deal in Cervantes. Every year in late November or early December, Windsurfing Perth holds a speed windsurfing event and you’re always welcome to come by and see how fast you can ride the coastline.

Keep in mind that Cervantes’ beaches tend to be windy yet with small waves. What this means is that it’s just right for slalom conditions or for gliding along at high speeds over rolling bumps in the small waves.

5. Tasty Lobster & More at Lobster Shack Restaurant

A full day out on the ocean taking in the clean air and breathtaking views can work up quite an appetite. Want to taste the freshest catch of the day to work off that hunger? Come down to Lobster Shack and enjoy a tasty meal with stellar views of the Indian Ocean.

Lobster Shack is open for lunch and serves Western Rock Lobster just the way it was meant to be served, but we also have a wide range of seafood, beverages, and other menu items to satisfy your hunger.

Lobster Shack

Get your surf here in Cervantes and eat some fresh surf and turf at our Lobster Shack restaurant.