Winter is here but you can hardly tell, because it is always nice and mild in Cervantes. Local couples hardly ever get bored as there’s a lot you can do in this
exciting coastal town. If you live in or are visiting Cervantes and need some inspiration for winter dates, then you should check out our list of romantic and fun things that every couple should experience.

1. Enjoy a Romantic Lobster Lunch for Two at Lobster Shack

Visiting Cervantes without tasting the lobster is a crime, especially if you are visiting as a couple. Lobster is one of the most romantic meals you can enjoy. The creamy taste of these fresh crustaceans is something you will never forget and at Lobster Shack they sell the best seafood around. After eating at Lobster Shack, you will have lots of energy to take on some of the following date night adventures.

2. Drink Some Bubbly at the Thirsty Point Lookout

If you’re thirsty after fine dining at Lobster Shack, then you should head over to Thirsty Point Lookout. This is an ideal spot to marvel at the ocean and the town.
There is a wooden boardwalk all the way to the top of the lookout. This is a great spot to sit down and sip some wine while you admire the Indian Ocean sunset.

3. Sip Some Wine at Hansen Bay Lookout

The view from Hansen Bay lookout is almost as good as the view on Thirsty Point Lookout. This is an ideal spot for sipping fine-tasting wine with the person you love. You can marvel at the beautiful beach and get a great view of the region and local vegetation.

4. Go On a Sunset Stargazing Tour at The Pinnacles Desert

The Pinnacles Desert is very close to Lobster Shack. This desert offers a lot to see during day time, but you get the most breathtaking views at sunset. The stargazing sunset tour is a perfect way to end your evening after munching on some luxurious lobster meals.

5. Enjoy the Night-Time Stargazing Tour at the Pinnacles Desert

If you have a bit of time on your hands, then you should book the full night-time and sunset stargazing tour at The Pinnacles Desert. The sunset is beautiful but gazing at the glorious stars while holding the love of your life’s hand is an unforgettable experience.

6. Have a Picnic on Hangover Bay

Cervantes has many beautiful beaches to explore. Hangover Bay is a great spot to stop for a sunset picnic. Grab your picnic basket and fill it with yummy treats and
drinks that the two of you can share. Just remember to pack your blanket to protect your food from the sand.

7. Dance and Have a Drink at A Local Bar

Cervantes has a few night bars that you can visit for a few tasty drinks or a bit of dancing. This probably isn’t the most romantic date to consider for your holiday, but it is something fun to do and there are lots of delicious local drinks to try.

Cervantes is a great holiday destination for couples. There is always something fun to do because it doesn’t get too cold for fun outdoorsy adventures. You can have just as much fun at night time and restaurants are always packed with the freshest food you can imagine.