The Western Rock Lobster is the most popular lobster species to dine on in Cervantes and in all of Western Australia. These lobsters are not just tasty; they’re also quite fascinating. Here is a quick look at a few lobster facts you might not know. 

1. The Western Rock Lobster Can Live Over 20 Years

Most crustaceans have a relatively short life span. A lot of lobster species only live two to five years, but the Western Rock Lobster can live much longer. These spiny lobsters can reach an ancient age of over 20 years. 


2. They Will Sacrifice Body Parts to Survive

You might not be very fond of the idea of losing an arm or leg just to survive, but lobsters have no problem with making this sacrifice. A lot of people believe that they owe their longevity to the fact that they can regrow their limbs and antennae. When predators attack, these lobsters often sacrifice one of their body parts so they can escape. The predator makes off with the limb but the rest of the lobster stays intact.


3. They Take a Very Long Time to Mature

Rock lobsters take about six to seven years to mature. This is a very long time compared to many other crustaceans. They mate around August to September and female lobsters usually release their eggs around September and February. 


4. They Become Independent at Just 2mm Long

The average human spreads their wings and flies between the ages of 20 and 25 when they reach adulthood. When these planktonic larvae hatch, they are just 2mm long and they are fully independent from the moment they hatch. 


5.The Western Rock Lobster Can Grow Up To 5.5kg

It isn’t very common to find a 5.5kg Western Rock Lobster, but occasionally, these lobsters do reach this large size. It is very rare to catch lobsters that weigh more than 3kg. They are usually caught when they weigh about 0.5kg and are about 8 to 10 cm long.

6.Raw Lobster Flesh Is Translucent

These crustaceans have translucent flesh when they are still raw. When the lobster is cooked, the flesh becomes white with orange tinges and the lobster’s shell turns a bright red.


7.You Only Eat About 35% of the Lobster

Not all parts of these aquatic animals are edible. Only about 35% of their total weight is edible. The rest of the body consists of shells and other inedible parts. 


8.Lobster Is Healthy To Eat

Lobster meat is very healthy. It contains lots of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, iron, and many other healthy nutrients. All of these nutrients are excellent for boosting your energy levels and immune system. The selenium in lobster can help combat thyroid problems and acts as an antioxidant. High levels of iron reduce the symptoms of anaemia and lobster diets are known to reduce inflammation. 


9.Lobster Won’t Make You Fat

Eating lobster isn’t likely to cause weight gain. It contains fewer calories compared to other foods and especially compared to meat. If you want to avoid gaining too much weight while on holiday, then this is a great food to focus on. 

The Western Rock Lobster is very important to the Australian economy, as it’s considered one of the most valuable parts of the Australian fishery. They make up for 20% of the total fishing industry. That is a lot of jobs and a huge part of the economy. 

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