Dudes and dudettes in Western Australia, the surf is most certainly up in Cervantes. For weekend getaways from Perth or elsewhere in our beautiful state, our coastal town has a lot to offer.

Kitesurfing and windsurfing are very popular choices among visitors to our quaint town. So, where are the best spots to catch some gentle, rolling waves and glide down our beautiful coastline?

Cervantes Surf Characteristics

Most of WA consists of beautiful beaches suitable for surfing of all kinds, but how does Cervantes fare among the stiff competition from beach towns up and down the Indian Ocean coastline?

Since Cervantes is nestled between the towns of Jurien Bay and Lancelin and is located about 200km north of Perth, the surf conditions are fairly similar. While Cervantes experiences a little more wind than Lancelin, the conditions are still ideal for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

In terms of waves, Cervantes tends to have smaller, choppier waves than Lancelin, which is ideal for kitesurfing and windsurfing and less ideal for traditional surfing. This also allows surfers to take advantage of some gentle little hops along the coastline as the waves crash and break.

Best Surf Locations in Cervantes

Windsurfers will love Thirsty Point. This shallow, sandy bay is ideal for windsurfing as the waters tend to be quite flat around the reef and off land island nearby. The waters do swell slightly when the wind picks up.

This excellent windsurfing location also provides an easy sailing experience from the shore where the prevailing winds tend to go. Slalom windsurfing aficionados are bound to enjoy these ideal conditions. Thirsty Point is located as far west as one can go in Cervantes at the end of Seville Street and a few minutes drive south of Lobster Shack.

Hansen Bay is another location ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing, located south of Thirsty Point. There are two roads from Cervantes that lead to car parks with access to Hansen Bay; one is about 500m away and the other around 1km away. The northern part of the beach tends to have slightly higher waves whilst the south tends to be gentler, although note that the south also has a lot of seagrass.

Beachsafe rates Hansen Bay with a 3/10 hazard rating (least hazardous).

Last and certainly not least, Cervantes Beach is an excellent location for novice and recreational kitesurfing and windsurfing fans. This beach is conveniently located parallel to Catalonia Street and runs along our Lobster Shack facilities and restaurant.

The beach itself is gentle with small waves and a generously long coastline running along Cervantes and south towards Thirsty Point. The south end of the beach is ideal for swimming, but note that seagrass runs along to the shore for much of the beach.

Experienced kitesurfers and windsurfers may prefer Thirsty Point as it tends to have more variety and challenges to offer. Cervantes Beach is best suited for novices, and its close proximity to Lobster Shack and our equipment rental facilities makes things easy and convenient.

Lobster Shack

Kick off the shore and get your surf here in Cervantes, then stay for the surf and turf with the wonderful food at Lobster Shack.