3 Road Trip Worthy Restaurants in WA

While I’m sure we’ve all loved cooking at home and trying out viral TikTok recipes during the pandemic, nothing beats the experience of dining out. There’s something special about spending time with loved ones over a shared meal. Whether it’s the amazing food, the delicious cocktails, or the ambience, it’s an affinity we all share. […]

Lobster Shack Factory Tour – A Fun Activity for Kids in 2022

So you love lobster (duh, it’s delicious). But have you ever considered what goes into preparing this culinary delicacy that’s adored by so many? You may not realise, but your favourite meal has a back story. If you have ever wondered how Australia’s most popular and succulent crustacean goes from the deep blue sea to […]

How to Cook Lobster Tails To Perfection

Nothing beats a perfectly cooked lobster tail – except maybe two perfectly cooked lobster tails. You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to prepare them, but as every good cook knows, it’s best to start with the freshest ingredients possible. Keep reading for our failsafe guide on how to cook lobster tails in a […]

Top Tips For Freezing and Thawing Cooked Lobster

So you’ve visited Lobster Shack in sunny Cervantes and tasted the freshest Rock Lobster that Western Australia has to offer. Naturally, you may be wondering how to properly freeze lobster as a way to conveniently enjoy this delicacy from the comfort of home whenever you choose.  Before you leave Lobster Shack, you have the option […]

How to Fish for Lobster Recreationally in WA

The world-famous Rock Lobster in Western Australia is certainly a delicacy. What could be better than dipping a perfectly cooked piece into a tasty garlic butter sauce? How about indulging in the freshest catch of the day, wrangled from the ocean all on your own or with a friend or family member? The good news […]