[:en]1. The Perfect Weather for Adventures!

While Perth may be shivering through a freezing winter, just 2.5 hours up the coast you can find a seasonal reprieve, with temperatures ranging between 10-25 degrees from June to November.


The wind is at a peaceful, calm standstill, which means the perfect time for exploring sand dunes! Whether it’s a simple exploratory expedition, or for the more adventurous, grabbing some cardboard and riding down the sand dunes as fast as humanly possible, there’s no time like winter to begin the adventure.


There are also plenty of small walks and walking trails to explore in and around Cervantes. Those who love long walks on the beach (or the lake) will be in paradise, with plenty of places to explore, such as the Lake Thetis Loop Trail revealing living fossils and its world-famous living marine thrombolites.


Take the extra drive up to our neighbour Jurien Bay, and you’ll find you can go skydiving year round! Even during the winter months, we experience clear skies at some stage during the day, making it an excellent choice for your adventure. Rug up with a hoodie and prepare for the jump of a lifetime!


2. Unique Flora and Fauna!

July to October is wildflower season along our Coral Coast, and it’s the perfect time to take the family on a beautiful weekend adventure to take in all the sights. There are plenty of self-drive wildflower tours which provide endless vista of nature’s beauties and are sure to inspire the inner green-thumb to tackle their own garden back home!


Don’t forget, take nothing but photos as picking wildflowers is illegal and can result in a fine. Be respectful of the places you visit to ensure these spectacles can be enjoyed for generations to come.


If you like to get up and about, and a drive tour isn’t quite your vibe, then join one of the many guided botanical walks around Cervantes and Jurien Bay to really immerse yourself in the beauty.


3. Creative Inspiration is Blooming!

With all the above-mentioned beauty popping up across Cervantes this winter, it’s the perfect time to pull out the camera and unleash your inner Ansel Adams! With unique landscapes, breathtaking views and untouched scenery for kilometres easily accessed by lookout points and trails, you’ll be hard pressed to find an area that WON’T inspire you!


On days when the sky is overcast, the lighting is great for taking portraits and stark, high contrast landscapes. Plus, with less visitors than summer time, the crowds won’t ruin that million-dollar shot! And let’s face it, you can never have enough photos of the amazing Pinnacles.


4. Lobster Shack is open all winter!

Don’t adjust your computers, it’s true. Unlike some seasonal restaurants who close up for the cooler months, we’re here every day, rain, hail, or shine! Cooking up the freshest WA catches. Is there anything better than a warm, freshly grilled lobster with some hot, golden chips? We pose the question… You can let us know your answer when you visit us this winter! ;)[:]