So you’ve visited Lobster Shack in sunny Cervantes and tasted the freshest Rock Lobster that Western Australia has to offer. Naturally, you may be wondering how to properly freeze lobster as a way to conveniently enjoy this delicacy from the comfort of home whenever you choose. 

Before you leave Lobster Shack, you have the option to select some of our premium-grade seafood to take home with you. While live Rock Lobster is the freshest choice, buying cooked Rock Lobster and freezing it yourself will obviously last you a lot longer. If stored properly, frozen cooked lobster can maintain its beautiful quality for up to six months. Keep reading for our comprehensive guide on how to prepare and freeze cooked lobster.

Is it safe to freeze cooked lobster?

Yes, it’s safe to freeze cooked lobster. Just make sure you store your lobster properly to ensure that you maintain its premium quality and maximise its shelf life. 

How to transport cooked lobster home from Cervantes

Once you’ve picked your portion of freshly caught and cooked Rock Lobster, we recommend storing it in a cooler bag with some ice blocks until you can get it into a fridge or freezer. If you’re driving from Cervantes to Perth, keep your cooked lobsters in the cooler bag and store them in a shaded area of the car. 

Cooked lobster can be stored safely in the fridge for 3-4 days, but for maximum life, we suggest that you freeze cooked lobster.

How to prepare cooked lobster for freezing

When you arrive home from Lobster Shack and you’re ready to freeze your cooked lobster, prepare your workspace and grab a knife, chopping board, zip lock bags, milk or cream, newspaper and tape.

Think ahead and consider pre-portioning the cooked lobster so it’s easier to defrost. You can choose to freeze cooked lobster in one batch if desired, but keep in mind that the meat can lose some of its quality and moisture if it’s thawed and refrozen. You may also like to remove the meat from the shell and chop up the cooked lobster before freezing. This is a great step to take if you are planning to use your lobster in pasta, pie or rolls later down the track. Feel free to keep the shell and use it to make a seafood stock. 

Place your chopped or whole cooked lobster in a freezer bag and pour milk or cream over the meat. Ensure that there is enough liquid to cover all of the cooked lobster, as this will help it maintain its moisture in the freezer. Next, squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible and seal the freezer bag. If you are portioning your lobster, repeat this process for each portion of cooked lobster.Set some newspaper on the counter and place your freezer bag in the middle, wrap your newspaper around the freezer bag as a parcel and secure it with tape. 

How To Dethaw Your Cooked Lobster

When it’s time to thaw your frozen cooked lobster, place the freezer bag in a dish and move it to the fridge to defrost for 24 hours before serving. If you have more lobster meat than needed for your next meal, you can store it in the fridge for up to two days before eating or refreezing it. Note that the lobster meat may lose some of its taste if you refreeze it.

When the lobster meat is thoroughly thawed, place it in a colander and rinse off the milk or cream. Allow the cooked lobster to sit for 30 minutes before heating it and serving as desired. 

The Best Way To Serve Your Lobster

For a simple yet crowd pleasing dish, we recommend lobster rolls. You can use small rolls as appetisers or bigger rolls for a larger meal. Simply coat your cooked lobster in a mix of mayonnaise, fresh lemon juice and capers with a pinch of salt and pepper. Then divide the lobster meat between freshly toasted buns and they’re ready to serve!

Enjoy Fresh Rock Lobster Without the Fuss at Lobster Shack

As much as we love working with Western Rock Lobster, we understand there are times when you simply want to enjoy this crustacean without the fuss of preparing and freezing it. For these occasions, join us at Lobster Shack to enjoy fresh, locally caught lobster and seafood served in a variety of ways. Sit back on our deck, enjoy the coastal views, and let us do the hard work while you make the most of your time in Cervantes.