What’s better than one freshly-caught Rock Lobster from Lobster Shack? The only right answer is more lobster for friends and family to enjoy. This tasty crustacean goes down well with a variety of sauces (lemon and butter sauces are a must), but how should you pair such a wonderful gourmet dish? Same old green beans or peas as last night’s dinner? Why not try these three must-try side dishes to go with your tasty Rock Lobster:

Light and Easy

A side of greens will always find itself as a welcome companion to the humble Rock Lobster. If you want to make the lobster the real star of the rock show, decorate your plates with a small and light side dish that compliments that flavour profile of the lobster.

Some great, tasty light sides include:

  • A serving of blanched green beans with cherry tomatoes. Drizzle some olive oil and sprinkle some sea salt and pepper for flavouring.
  • Broccoli and cheese. Add a dash of lemon juice to complement the lobster’s lemon butter sauce and you’ve got a healthy and tasty side.
  • Green salad with tomatoes and cucumber. Cool off on a hot summer day with a refreshing green salad that pairs just nicely with your Rock Lobster.

Our choice: grilled or steamed asparagus with lemon juice and olive oil. The wonderful flavour of asparagus is distinct enough to complement the taste of the lobster.

Pour it on Heavy, Will Ya

Got a hunger for something a little more filling? Satiate your hunger with some hearty sides that go nicely with Rock Lobster:

  • Baked potato with butter, chives, and bacon bits. Jacket potatoes are a wonderful addition for meat, but they’ll do just the trick for lobster as well.
  • Macaroni and cheese. This side matches nicely (if a little filling) with lobster since the mac and cheese is itself quite buttery.
  • Baked beans. Another favourite that goes well with grilled lobster.

Our choice: risotto cooked in seafood broth. The light flavour profile of a risotto, especially when cooked in seafood broth, will not overshadow the strong flavour of the lobster whilst keeping you and your guests full and happy.

More Seafood? Yes, Please

Normally, it’s best to stick with either just seafood or just meat for a variety of reasons. If you’re going all out on Rock Lobster, why not try a pairing with another side of seafood?

  • Steamed mussels with fresh garlic and parsley. Mussels cook in a relatively short time and make a wonderful starter or side to go along with your lobster.
  • Baked scallops with cayenne pepper. For a truly luxurious dining experience, accompany your lobster with some tasty baked scallops sprinkled with cayenne pepper and Worcestershire sauce.
  • Lobster bisque. Lobster and lobster tend to go well together, of course! Why not use the remainder of the uncooked lobster and another tail to prepare a tasty bisque as a side?

Our choice: lobster bisque is a no-brainer in both convenience and taste. You’ve already got the lobsters, so why not pick up an extra tail or two and make some tasty bisque while you’re at it!

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