At Lobster Shack, we are all about creating new experiences for our guests.

 If you’ve been up to the Shack in the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed that there is quite a bit of construction happening.
All of the hammering and drilling will be well worth it, with our new eatery coming soon. 
It is important for us to continually be improving our dining experience for our guests, and as such, we are going to be extending our eatery to look out over the Cervantes coast line.
As part of our renovations, we will be turning the focus to the ocean, where our bounty lies.
You will be able to sit in our café, for a spectacular view of the ocean and the cray boats as they bob out on the water.
This means that in winter, you can still come up and enjoy your favourite lobster meal, whilst looking over the water, and in summer, you can enjoy a beverage on our lookout.

Inside our new shack, will be a 5-metre fish tank – a sight to be seen! The tank will be filled with all manner of aquatic life, including our crustacean friends, the Lobster.


You will also get to see some amazing abalone and some other fantastic fish. This will be a great day out for the kids!
The new café will be a complete seafood experience. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more details on events that will be held at Lobster Shack.
Our factory tours will still be running throughout and we will be adding a few other features to ensure you have the best experience possible.
In the meantime, we are still open seven days per week for lunch. You can view our menu here.
Just park around the back off Catalonia street and come in through the walkway, before heading straight to the shop! It’s business as usual!
So, tell us what would you like to see at Lobster Shack?