[:en]1100 kilometres north of Perth lies the Coral Coast, home to world heritage listed beaches, turquoise waters, unique marine life and the Ningaloo reef. The area is renowned for its dynamic coastline allowing visitors to surf, snorkel and take a crack at water sports alike. However, if surfing is calling out your name, the Coral Coast has a beach to explore whether you are just starting out or a seasoned salty dog. We’ve got some insider knowledge and put together a list of some of the best surfing and windsurfing spots. The best part? You don’t even have to travel far from Perth to get there.



Your first stop just an hour and a half out of Perth, is Back Beach in Lancelin. This is a picturesque, white sandy beach is popular for both surfing and windsurfing. Featuring an exposed beach break, the surf is reliable most of the year except for in the peak of summer when you’ll see calm and flat seas. Back Beach is fairly quiet all year around and the perfect little spot to have a picnic, walk along the beach and relax after a surf.


This small fishing town also holds ‘The Ocean Classic’, one of the biggest windsurfing and kitesurfing events every January. You can also hire a sandboard and go ‘sand surfing’ on the sand dunes. For a secluded mini break, head to Wedge Island and stay in a beach shack in one of the most conserved heritage communities. This the perfect place for sandboarding, kitesurfing, fishing, snorkelling and four-wheel driving.



Cervantes is up next on the list. This small coastal fishing town has lots of opportunities to check out unique, must see landscapes such as the Pinnacles, Nambung National Park and Lake Thetis. Whilst there’s no surf in Cervantes, the windsurfing is pumping. Then after you’ve worked up an appetite, pop in and give us a visit at Lobster Shack.


Heading north have a quick stop off in Greenough. This is a quaint historical settlement with beautiful old limestone buildings and trees that have grown at a 90 degree angle due to the strong winds. Greenough River Mouth is a popular surf spot and suitable for those at an intermediate to advanced level.


Next stop is Geraldton, a sunny coastal town 424 kilometers from Perth. Geraldton known for its mining, fishing, farming and tourism, as well as being the windsurfing capital as it is one of the world’s windiest cities! September to April are the most ideal months for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing due to the consistent sea breeze. Make sure to check out the Surfing WA’s state surf competition which is held each year in September at Flat Rocks, a short 15 minute drive from Geraldton. For windsurfing, be sure to check out Sunset Beach as its one of the most popular beaches for experienced windsurfers in this area.



So whether you live and breathe it or are just starting out, you won’t be disappointed exploring the Coral Coast beaches. Get in the car today and start exploring!