[:en]Have you got 3 days off work and feel like going on an adventure? Was your New Years’ resolution to go out and explore more of our beautiful West Australian coastline? Do you need to switch off for a weekend and get out of the big smoke for a little R and R? How about Cervantes? A trip to Cervantes is the perfect day trip from Perth.

A mere 2 hours from Perth, lies a quiet, unassuming town, where the locals are friendly and the time you spend there is guaranteed to be quality. You may think that a laid-back town such as this isn’t for you because you’re after adventure and excitement, but strap in, because Cervantes is jam packed with incredible things to do. Whether you’re coming up with the family and need some exciting activities to fill out the day, or coming up for a romantic getaway with your partner and are looking for the perfect sunset to drink wine, or if you’re a lone traveler just looking to explore one of WA’s hidden gems, there’s something for everyone in Cervantes.

First thing’s first: accommodation. And that’s where Lobster Lodge come in. Our brand new lodging is smack bang in the heart of it all. Just a 5-minute walk to the beach and a 20-minute drive from the famous Pinnacles Desert, Lobster Lodge will ensure your stay in beautiful Cervantes is one to remember. Lobster Lodge knows exactly what are absolute essentials on a holiday, like high speed internet, a central location and affordability, and they’ve got it all covered. Whether you’re on a budget and looking for a cheap room, or you’d be happy to spend a little extra for ocean views in a deluxe room, Lobster Lodge caters to all visitors. There’s even a communal kitchen and living space where you could pop on a DVD for the kids while mum and dad enjoy a glass of wine or two. The rooms are extremely affordable and range from budget backpacker dorm rooms to deluxe ensuite rooms with ocean views plus a self-contained deluxe 3-bedroom apartment with private balcony.

So now that lodging is sorted, what’s your few days in Cervantes looking like? Well to start, there are the pristine beaches all along the turquoise coast, including Thirsty Point lookout, just a 5-minute walk from Lobster Lodge. There’s an 18-hole, semiprivate golf club that may tickle your fancy. And then there’s Lobster Shack. Not only a must on your list of places to eat in Cervantes, we also run a range of exciting tours for visitors to showcase all that the town has to offer. For a boys’ weekend away, book in for one of our fishing charters where you’ll spend the day catching fish with the pros, or for an hour of fun for everyone, check out our sea lion tour where you’ll get up close and personal with one of the world’s rarest species (and they’re cute too!).

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