[:en]Meet Donna Simmonds, one of Lobster Shack’s lovely kitchen hands!

Donna’s role at Lobster Shack is definitely not one dimensional! As one of our amazing kitchen staff, she dabbles in many areas of the restaurant.

Donna predominantly works as a Kitchen Hand, where she makes the daily salads, sets up the kitchen for the day, and helps with the general cooking (a job at which she is absolutely fantastic).

As well as all of this, Donna cleans and serves the 100s of customers coming through the restaurant on a daily basis. She’s an all-rounder in the truest sense.

Donna describes The Lobster Shack as a supportive and positive team environment. Working as a team is important to her and she says the fact that the team is so tight-knit makes the running of Lobster Shack far smoother.

Lobster Shack can cater for up to about 800 people a day so working as a team is necessary!

As every year goes by, the team at Lobster Shack are helping the restaurants popularity and appeal. For example, in 2013 we were awarded the Bronze medal in the Tourist Attraction and Food Excellence in Food Tourism Award. The team’s dedication and passion is what got us this award.

The fact that the business is family owned is very important to Donna. She says this is one of the main reasons she loves working at Lobster Shack.

“Working for the Thompsons is like being part of their family,” she said. “Everyone who works here has a vision for where the Lobster Shack is heading and we all want to do our best so that this family business flourishes”.

Donna is an expert juggler, and having had to entertain her kids, she is a natural at pulling a group of people together.

Donna is outgoing, passionate and bubbly – a huge asset in any kitchen, as sometimes it tends to get very busy. Something that not many people know about Donna is that she is actually shy! You fooled us, Donna.

Donna is in the kitchen most days, so next time you’re up at Lobster Shack, make sure to say hello![:]