So you love lobster (duh, it’s delicious). But have you ever considered what goes into preparing this culinary delicacy that’s adored by so many? You may not realise, but your favourite meal has a back story. If you have ever wondered how Australia’s most popular and succulent crustacean goes from the deep blue sea to your plate, you’re in for a (s)hell of a treat at Lobster Shack. Sea what we did there?

Famously known for serving up some of the tastiest Western Rock Lobster in Australia, here at Lobster Shack in Cervantes, we offer visitors the ultimate seafood experience with unique Factory Tours available daily. We give guests a chance to see how this local specialty is caught, transported, stored and deliciously prepared in-house at our restaurant. Not only is this behind-the-scenes opportunity educational and entertaining, but it’s also the perfect activity for a family to enjoy.


Western Rock Lobster

Though Western Australia’s coastline is blessed with many fisheries, all catching some of the world’s tastiest seafood, the most valuable of them is the Western Rock Lobster fishery. With an estimated value of over 400 million dollars, the Western Rock Lobster fishery is responsible for one-fifth of Australia’s total fishing industry catch and is recognised globally as the first fishery to be named ecologically sustainable. Pretty impressive, if we do say so ourselves!

Lobster Shack has been home to this very industry since the ’60s. What started as a small fisherman’s shack soon grew into a processing factory, which evolved into the beloved restaurant that visitors from around the world flock to today. We’re not lying when we say there’s something fascinating about how much work goes into every single lobster that goes out. But hey, our Factory Tour speaks for itself.


What to Expect on our Factory Tours

Upon arrival at Lobster Shack, you’ll start your guided Factory Tour by journeying through our processing factory on an overhead walkway. You can see the lobsters below in our live holding lanes that can hold up to 20 tonnes of lobster! The tour comes equipped with a personal audio guide (available in English, Mandarin, Japanese, French, Italian, German and Korean as well as a version for kids specifically) to listen along to, while also reading the many informative signs placed throughout.

On your journey from lobster pot to cooking pot, you’ll learn how the lobsters are stored, weighed, graded, packed up, and exported overseas to destinations across the globe, all while being kept alive. The Factory Tour ends by a touch bowl where we encourage visitors to get up-close and personal with the different sized lobsters, holding them up, and even snapping a quick pic. Shellfie anyone?


Fun For Kids

While the Factory Tour is an experience suitable for all ages, we find it’s especially perfect for educating and entertaining little ones in this multi-million dollar industry.

If you have kids, then you know just how curious they are, especially when it comes to the food on their plate. Not only will a Factory Tour make them aware that their food comes from working hard, but it will also provide them with insight into how these amazing sea creatures are sustainably caught and used so that nothing goes to waste. 

Both kids from neighbouring towns and those visiting from afar can benefit from learning about local food production and the Western Rock Lobster. Kids love a good story, so it makes sense that understanding the background of these crustaceans will allow them to appreciate their food that much more.

While our Factory Tours are meant to educate, they’re also packed with fun. It’s not every day that kids get to witness 20 tonnes of live lobsters at their feet; one look at the bulk of them is guaranteed to make your child’s eyes widen with excitement! Kids can stroll at a leisurely pace, taking in all the sights, smells and sounds of the factory while reading the fact cards and pressing buttons to hear the audio in a language that caters to them. 

The most memorable part of the Factory Tour? If they’ve never held a lobster before, we’re willing to bet it’s an experience they’ll never forget. At the end of our tour, they can do just that down by the touch bowl – something we’re sure they’ll be telling their friends at school all about.


Lobster Shack

After completing one of our thrilling Factory Tours, we encourage you and the family to indulge in an unforgettable lobster meal at our seaside restaurant; we offer a kid-friendly selection on our menu for pickier eaters. Parents can enjoy their lunch while the little ones play games on the turf under shaded picnic tables, fly high in our bouncy castle, or make friends in the fenced-off play area and sandpit.

If you’re looking to make a trip out of it, The Pinnacles Desert within Nambung National Park is just a few minutes away. You won’t regret grabbing the kids and heading over afterwards for a family sand dune adventure.

With fun for kids of all ages, it’s no wonder the coastal town of Cervantes is the ideal destination for families – and it all starts at the doors of Lobster Shack, following the journey of Australia’s most valuable sea creature, the Western Rock Lobster!