[:en]Tourism is a strong industry here in WA – and nowhere is this more relevant than here at Lobster Shack.

With the majority of our guests here being tourists of some description or another, it is crucial that we get our name out there, keep up with current trends in the industry and maintain a steady stream of tourists coming through the door. Heading up this section of the business is Abi – our Tourism Manager.

Abi has been in the Tourism Manager role at Lobster Shack for 3 years now – and reckons that “time flies when you’re having fun!” – with which we could not agree more. It’s tough to simplify what she does, because her to-do list reads more like an epic novel rather than a few notes on a page. However, some of Abi’s responsibilities include bookings, administration, extensions, websites and everything in between! It certainly keeps her busy, and her work definitely does not go un-noticed.

Before she joined us here at Lobster Shack, Abi worked on Christmas Island as a Medical Receptionist, looking after the Detention Centre. Her ambitions of being a nurse have, however, been put on the backburner since coming to the Shack, as working in the tourism industry has made her fall in love with the state and the tourism industry. We couldn’t agree with that more, and having a Tourism Manager so engrossed with the state reflects in her work. Her favourite thing about Cervantes is the proximity to Perth, in that she can easily head up to see us within 1 hour 40 minutes from her house, which she quite rightly refers to as the “perfect day trip”. Another favourite feature of Cervantes is on that just about everyone shares – the beautiful coastline!

As for 2017, Abi has given a sneak-peek into what we can expect coming up. Without giving too much away, it can be revealed that there will be an extension to the seating area at Lobster Shack, where people will be able to enjoy the views of the turquoise Indian Ocean of the Cervantes coastline while they tuck into some delicious lobster. An interesting part of what Abi does with her time is her dog’s Instagram account @lyfe_of_dennis. With a healthy 230 followers, one need not dig any further to find adorable Blue French Bulldog pictures. Dennis is as good at looking slick as Abi is at taking care of our tourism needs at Lobster Shack, check him out.

So now you know a bit about Abi – the champion we have heading up our Tourism section. Her tireless work and great attitude does amazing things for the business. We look forward to working alongside Abi for a long time to come, and are excited to see where the journey takes us![:]