[:en]We love our lobster and we love our drinks – so combining the two is a match made in seafood heaven. Question is, what’s the perfect drink to accompany your lobster dish? Here’s our top 5 picks.

Kolsch: This clear, straw-coloured beer is Germany’s only true all-barley pale ale, and goes great with lobster. The light-medium body and crisp feel of Kolsch beer perfectly complements the richness of the lobster meat, and offers an alternative to the classic pairing of lobster and wine. As a lighter beer, even those who are not necessarily beer drinkers may well enjoy this accompaniment, as it offers a different dynamic to the usual wine-lobster combination.

Chardonnay: Perhaps the most popular pairing for lobster is chardonnay. More specifically, unoaked chardonnay works well alongside boiled lobster, whilst oaked chardonnay best suits grilled. The richness of the lobster meat is further accentuated with this choice of wine, as its subtle, soft characteristic brings out the best in the meal. The vanilla notes found in Chardonnay naturally compliment lobster, justifying its classic presence in French cooking.

Riesling: This wine variety has a yellow-green colour to it, and features a balance of fruity notes and bright acidity. The reason this pairs so well with lobster is the way its dry, sweet flavour pulls attention towards the richness of the lobster, thus creating a combination which focuses on the strengths of the food, whilst the wine itself is a delicious and different experience in and of itself.

Pilsener: Back on beers now, pilseners are great for cleansing the palette and will not detract from the taste of the lobster. Its crisp texture and citrus characteristics match well with any citrus-based accompaniments to the lobster, as lobster is usually served with a squeeze of lemon.

Champagne: Another staple in the lobster-pairing conversation is champagne. The trick to picking a good bubbly to go with your lobster is to get after one that cleanses the palette with each sip, yet has enough of its own flavour to add to the dining experience. A glass of Moet and Chandon, Mumm or Veuve Cliquot proves a reliable partner to lobster, and champagne is often a popular choice amongst diners as it is, thus providing a more universally appealing drink to have with your next lobster-based meal.

Overall, the choice of drink to accompany a lobster dish is important, as it should be something that does not overpower the rich taste of the lobster, however has enough of its own flavour to still be an enjoyable addition to the experience. Subtle and crisp is the name of the game, so next time you’re looking to enjoy some delicious lobster, try one of our recommended drinks to go with it, and enjoy! When you’re in town, you can pick up a bottle of wine or a 6-pack at Lynne’s Licka or at the Bar & Bistro.[:]