[:en]Now more than ever we rely on technology to keep us connected and informed. But wouldn’t it be nice to take a break from the grid and reconnect with our surroundings?


With the weekend fast approaching, we think it’s the perfect time to do just that! Why not take a road trip along the coast and ditch our devices to focus on quality time with our kids? Not only does it help you reconnect as a family, it will teach them some valuable lessons too. You might need some convincing yet, but here are some of our favourite reasons to go tech-free on our next road trip.


Fire up the imagination! 

Imagination, remember that thing? Well before Google could tell us everything we’ve ever needed to know, we used our imagination to creatively solve problems. Ditching our phones on a road trip will not only encourage us to be more imaginative but also encourage our kids to get creative. Games like eye spy are a great way to spark the imagination and keep the whole family involved.


Teach the value of patience

We are all guilty of using our phones as an excuse to pass time and it’s easy to stick a screen in front of the kids to keep them distracted on long drives. While we will be eternally grateful to the humble iPad for the moments of peace it can provide us, imagine how much more we could learn if we used that time to converse with the kids while on the drive. Let’s teach them the value of patience and that the best way to pass time is not always to watch Peppa Pig for 4 hours straight. Get chatting to your young ones on long journeys and ask them lots of questions. You never know what they might come out with.



Not only will your kids learn map skills on the road trip, but they will also take in the sights and surroundings too. What about stopping in at The Pinnacles and learning about these ancient formations. Alternatively, seeing the Stromatolites at Lake Thetis can inspire young minds to think about how these living fossils thrive in a nutrient poor environment. Seeing these sights in person is definitely better than watching on a screen! And who knows, maybe all this education and inspiration will inspire the travel bug inside of them when they’re older.


Whether you choose to ditch your device or not, we hope you have a relaxing weekend with family and friends and for those of you who have attempted a device free road trip, let us know how it went.[:]