ATIC Accessibility

ATIC Accessibility

To support the accessible community in making informed travel decisions for their individual needs

This report prepared for:

Business name:

Lobster Shack


37 Catalonia Street




2023-06-30 18:41

ATIC Accessibility

The following pages provides travellers with information on the businesses facilities and amenities which aims to support the traveller to make an informed decision on whether the business is suitable for their individual needs.


Business Overview 4

Bookings 4

Emergency Management 4

Communications 5

Other Information 5

Guide Dog and Service Animals 5


Pre-arrival, arrival and reception 7

Cognitive Impairment Support 7

Car Park and Access amenities 7

Entry 8

Internal Spaces 8

Public areas 9

External Paths 9

Steps 9

Ramps 9

Public Toilets/Adult change facilities 10


Play Spaces 11


Dining Spaces 12

Report Disclaimer 14


Business Overview

The business has the following products/services available

  • Food and Drink

Our business caters for the following disability types:

  • Deaf or low hearing
  • Limited mobility
  • Wheelchairs or mobility scooters
  • Food allergies or intolerances
  • Cognitive or people on the Autism Spectrum


The business offers the following methods for bookings and enquiries:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Webportal
  • Our forms have high contract boxes and submit boxes

Emergency Management

  • Exit signs are clear and easy to see
  • Exit access is free and clear at all times

We ensure exit access is free and clear at all times by:

Exit doors are unlocked and open at all times during opening hours. They are away from tables and chairs and obstacles.

  • Exits and access to exists are greater than 900mm
  • Exit doors are able to be opened by all occupants
  • Exits to the emergency evacuation point does not include stairways
  • The evacuation point is clearly marked by a sign

The business identifies guests who need additional assistance should an emergency occur by:

Fire warden delegates staff to each area of the restaurant to alert everyone to evacuate and assissting customers in that area if necessary, or calling for help.

The procedure for assisting guests who need assisted rescue is:

Get the customer to a safe area and leave a warden with them. Chief warden must be made aware so that they can direct emergency services to evacuate them on arrival.


  • Our business offers the following alternative communication methods
  • Plain English
  • Braille Displays
  • There is easy to read signage and information (e.g. menus and emergency information)

Other Information

  • For bookings made onsite, the ticket booth/counter/box office is accessible for people using a wheelchair
  • The business accepts the companion card

Guide Dog and Service Animals

  • The business provides a secure area with shade and water for service animals
  • The business provides a toilet area for service animals
  • Bowls, bedding, etc. are provided for service animals

The business provides the following services for services animals:

Dog bowls with fresh drinking water. Plenty of tables under shade in more quiet areas for privacy.


Pre-arrival, arrival and reception

The business has the following in place to support guests during pre-arrival, arrival and reception

  • There is a reception/public entryway.
  • Seating available at reception
  • A lower counter at reception/ticket office
  • A tablet with text to voice or pen and paper at reception to aid in communication
  • Lighting in the reception area is even and glare free

We do require manual sign-ins at our venue – ticket purchases are available from the till that has a low counter for guests sitting in a chair.

  • Information and maps are available in written form
  • A step free map/guide
  • A familiarisation tour

There are no facilities that are locked during opening hours.

The following steps are in place to ensure that people with fatigue related to their disability are not disadvantaged by long wait times:

We can offer additional shade and water if our queue becomes long and reaches the outside area. We also have chairs available instantly if needed.

Cognitive Impairment Support

  • Documents are available in plain English for people with cognitive impairment (This may include instructions, guides, menus and general information)
  • Quiet periods or early opening times for people on the Autism Spectrum
  • A space for parents and children on the Autism Spectrum

Car Park and Access amenities

The business has the following Car Park and Access amenities

  • A drop off zone
  • Level or ramped access from the car park to the entrance
  • The accessible entrance is clearly signed from the parking bay
  • The public transport services available are:

We have a map of Cervantes that we keep at our till for visitors.


The business has the following amenities/systems in place for entry

  • A drop off point close to the entrance
  • A path of access to the building is slip resistance and even
  • A path of access to the building is clear of obstruction
  • Door jams/doors are of a contrasting colour to surrounding walls
  • Door handles are of a contrasting colour to the door
  • Signage is written in a contrasting colour
  • Signage is written in a Sans Serif font and use upper and lower case letters
  • The entry door is a minimum of 850mm wide
  • The entry door has self opening or a light opening pressure (for manual operations)
  • The entrance sill is less than 13mm
  • There a clear space of at least 1500mm x 1500mm in front of all doors.
  • In addition, the following further information can assist guests:

No mats unless heavy rain then we have a rubber mat to prevent slipping.

Internal Spaces

  • Clear and unobstructed routes through and between buildings
  • Interior walls are matte or low sheen
  • Floors, walls, counters and furniture are of contrasting colours
  • Any protruding or overhanging obstructions are at least 2meters above the floor or are protected
  • Tableware/glassware contrast with the table surface or table cloth
  • Floor surfaces are hard or short pile carpet
  • Seating is available for guests unable to stand for long periods
  • Accessible facilities are clearly signed and visible from all areas
  • All corridors greater than 900mm
  • There is a quiet space for parents and children on the Autism Spectrum

Public areas

The public areas have the following amenities in place

  • Even lighting
  • Seating

External Paths

External paths of travel have the following amenities are in place

  • Surfaces are concrete, asphalt, smooth paving or hard packed fine gravel (max aggregate size 13mm)
  • Pathways are wider than 900mm
  • There 3 successive steps or less on any path or at any doorway
  • Any paths having steps are clearly identified as non-wheelchair accessible


Steps have the following amenities are in place

  • There are steps.
  • Top and bottom steps are easily distinguished through colour contrast or the use of TGSIs (Tactile Ground Surface Indicators)
  • All steps or staircases have enclosed risers
  • The underside of all staircases are enclosed or protected to a height of at least 2 metres
  • Handrails extend 300mm beyond the top and bottom step
  • Where steps are present are there three steps or less
  • In addition, the following further information can assist guests:

Steps at entrance have hand rail, however steps to outside deck area do not


Ramps have the following amenities are in place

  • There are ramps.
  • All fixed ramps are 1:14 or less
  • Long ramps (more than 10m) are 1:20 or less
  • Ramps have a raised edge of at least 100mm

Public Toilets/Adult change facilities

Public Toilets/Adult change facilities have the following amenities are in place

  • There is an accessible toilet for public use
  • The door is at least 850mm wide
  • There is a minimum of 850mm beside the toilet
  • Handrails are fitted
  • The toilet seat is 460mm above the floor
  • There is Unsure mm of clear space in front of the toilet
  • The toilet seat of a contrasting colour to the floor
  • The toilet seat is460mm above the floor
  • There is a registered changing places facility


Play Spaces

  • The space contain colour contrasting elements
  • Seating is provided in or around the play space


Dining Spaces

The dining spaces have the following facilities/amenities in place

  • The entrance has level access
  • The doorway is at least 850mm wide
  • There is level access through the dining area
  • Chairs are moveable to allow for wheelchairs to be seated at the tables
  • All glass doors and full height windows have contrast markings
  • There are areas of full lighting
  • There are Plain English menus
  • There is an accessible toilet

Our business caters for the following dietary requirements

  • Sugar free (diabetic)
  • Gluten free (celiac)
  • Lactose free (dairy free)
  • Low fat and fibre with no gastric content
  • Low potassium
  • Low sodium
  • Nut free
  • Additive free
  • Organic
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • Halal
  • There are procedures in place to avoid cross-contamination of food products
  • There is a sample menu available online

Sample menu is available here –


Food and Beverage Image(s)


Report Disclaimer

Please note that this business report, provided as a result of the use of the diagnostic assessment, is for information purposes only.

Australian Tourism Industry Council (ATIC) cannot guarantee the accuracy of respondent’s answers, or that they are fully representative of your business. Therefore, ATIC does not warrant or guarantee any particular outcome in respect of your businesses self-assessment.

This report is intended as guidance only for your business and should not be relied on for future marketing considerations. ATIC recommends that you seek your own independent advice as well as the results from the diagnostic.

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