[:en]The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, we find ourselves wanting to get out and about, and explore our beautiful state rather than snuggle up in bed while it pours down outside.

So if you’re in the need for some inspiration for your next day trip out of the city, look no further than Cervantes. The picture perfect stop along Western Australia’s turquoise coast is the perfect way to spend a day off with the family or your friends. Here’s our plan for your perfect day in Cervantes!

Kick off your day on the road early so you can get as much out of your trip as possible. Grab a coffee for the trip, fill up the car and off you go, on the 200km trip north of Perth. First stop is the world famous Pinnacles, where a massive 250,000 tourist visit every year. These naturally formed limestone pillars gather in thousands, creating an almost alien like effect, a sight to behold for any tourist to the area. Continue with the natural wonders theme and head over to Lake Thetis, just a 15-minute drive away. Here you’ll find one of the only living marine stromatolites sites in the world. Also known as ‘living fossils’, the stromatolites that are found at Lake Thetis can be dated back to 3370 years ago!

Now that you’ve had your daily fill of natural wonders, you’ve probably worked up a bit of an appetite. And there’s no better place to cure your hunger in Cervantes than at Lobster Shack! This family owned and operated business is the largest producer of western rock lobster in the world so you know you’re getting the real deal with these guys. Stop in for lunch and try some of their famous lobster and even take some fresh lobster home with you for dinner. And once you’re energised and ready to continue your trip, why not learn a little more about what you’ve just tucked into, with one of Lobster Shack’s factory tours. The tour provides an insider’s look at this multi-million dollar industry through their live lobster processing plant at Indian Ocean Rock Lobster.

As well as being home to the Western rock lobster, Cervantes is also home to one of Australia’s rarest species, the Australian sea lion, and off the Cervantes coast is one of the main breeding grounds so you’ll have the chance to witness hundreds of these creatures in the wild. You can book a sea lion watching tour with us or strap on your snorkel and go for a swim! Sea lions aren’t the only creatures you’re likely to spot up here; also inhabiting the turquoise coast are dolphins, seals and reefs. And with the day coming to a close, break up the trip back home with a little bit of fun and games, sand boarding in Lancelin, about an hour and a half from Perth. You’ll experience some breathtaking panoramic views at dusk over Lancelin, surrounding farmlands and even coastline. These are also the biggest sand dunes in Western Australia, so bring a board or a dirt bike and strap in for a serious adrenaline rush! Continue back down the coast to Perth, where you can wrap up the day with the delicious seafood dinner you took home from Lobster Shack. We hope you’ve enjoyed your trip out of the city exploring the beautiful West Australian coastline![:]