[:en]Who says you can’t take a souvenir home from your fave restaurant? Relive the great memories and pick up a fresh Western Rock Lobster, caught by one of our Lobster Shack skippers right here in Cervantes. “But what am I meant to do with the fresh lobster?” we hear you ask. Well, Lobster can be used in so many of your favourite dishes with a little bit of preparation.

Since it’s getting a bit cooler now, we have listed our top 5 winter warming dishes using your fresh Cervantes Rock Lobster for you to try out this season!


Hot, Buttered Lobster Rolls

Loved our Lobster Rolls when you came to visit? Why not make your own Winter version? Serve them up with hot butter and toasty buns so you can still enjoy them throughout the year.


Potato, Bacon & Lobster Chowder

When you’re stuck inside on a cold day and just want some tasty, warming comfort food, look no further than this Potato, Bacon and Lobster Chowder. Trust us, this dish will warm you from the inside out, and is the perfect meal for a cosy night in. Um, did we mention how easy it is too?


Anna Gare’s Fisherman’s Stew

Nothing beats a hot stew to warm you up in the middle of winter right? This one is the perfect crowd pleaser! Anna Gare’s Fisherman’s Stew is a simple and easy winter recipe to follow, using local WA seafood with ingredients that will ensure you are toasty in no time!


Spicy Lobster Pasta

One of the quickest, tastiest recipes using lobster that we can’t get enough of!
Veggies, pasta and fresh Lobster, what more could you need for a last minute winter dinner?



Stir-fried lobster with Sichuan pepper and garlic stems

This delicious lobster, garlic and pepper stir-fry is perfect for when you’re wanting a hearty meal, but don’t have the time to slave away in the kitchen all day. This recipe shouldn’t take you longer than 30 minutes, so you can whip it up after work one night and devour it on the couch.






Have we inspired you to make your own lobster dishes at home this season? Send us a message of how you went!

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