We’re all in for a good succulent lobster, especially when simply served with butter and lemon. This cool crustacean is our signature delicacy here at The Lobster Shack and there’s so many ways to enjoy it! Can you pick which style is your favourite? We can’t decide! If you haven’t eaten Lobster before, it’s a great opportunity to try something new and hopefully find your new favourite dish. Hopefully this helps you to decide which Lobster to order next time you visit us in Cervantes!


Grilled Garlic BBQ Lobster

With a few ½ Grilled Garlic BBQ options on the menu, our Lobster comes with chips and salad or the option of rice. This is a great option if you’re a newbie when it comes to eating Lobster. It’s great to start with our tasty classic! If you’re feeling a bit more peckish, go with the Lobster Lover option! We serve this with three exclusive lobster and seafood medallions, yum!

Lobster Mornay

The Lobster Mornay is definitely a meal to remember. You’ll be thinking about this one long after leaving Cervantes. Trust us, you’ll be back for it! No one can resist a saucy, golden Mornay especially when cooked to perfection with our fresh Lobster. It’s hard to resist a glass of white wine with it too, so sit back and relax on your holiday and we’ll serve up the goods!

Steamed Lobster in the Shack Roll

If you prefer a slightly more tender meat, steaming is a gentle cooking technique. A good steamed Lobster can preserve a bit more flavour. Enjoy our flavoursome steamed Lobster Shack Roll, toasted with cheese on a long roll with a bed of lettuce, tomato and aioli. Plus, no seafood meal is complete without a salty side of chips.

It’s super easy to do a steamed lobster at home too if you’re up for the challenge, steaming is very forgiving and it’s almost impossible to overcook it. Let us know if you’ve tried steaming Lobster at home!



Bobby The Lobby Burger

This is the big one, the exclusive Bobby The Lobby Burger! It’s an adventurous option with a Lobster, fish and octopus medallion served on a bed of lettuce, tomato and seafood sauce rolled up into a bun. You can’t forget the side of chips with the burger, it wouldn’t be complete without it! If you’ve tried our other Lobster options, this is a great way to try something new and experience another one of the delicious ways to enjoy Lobster at The Lobster Shack.

We hope this helps you decide which meal to order next time you’re visiting on holiday or a road trip! For large group bookings, please call us on 08 96527010.[:]