[:en]Western Rock Lobster on BeachRock Lobsters are obviously our number one favorite at Lobster Shack in Cervantes but they can be strange animals! They don’t have any vocal chords, you’ll find that they have two stomachs and so many other unusual facts.

1. Eight species of Rock Lobster are found in WA waters, but the most abundant by far is the Western Rock Lobster.

2. The Western Rock Lobsters are only found on the continental shelf off the coast of Western Australia, with most living in the area between Perth and Geraldton

3. Rock Lobsters can live for over 20 years and reach sizes over five kilograms.

4. Did you know that Rock Lobsters are nocturnal?

5. Rock Lobsters actually regrow any legs and antennae that have been lost during attacks with predators.


West Australian Rock Lobster Factory Tour Lobster Shack6. Molt happens in late spring. Rock Lobsters will change their usual red shell to a white/pale pink colour. They return to their normal red colour in the next molt, a few months later. This works in turn with their mass migrations into deeper water, up to 100 meters deep!

7. Rock Lobsters are often confused with Crayfish but to make it easy to remember, Western Rock Lobsters don’t have claws!🤯

8. They feed on so many different things. Their delicious palette consists of; coralline algae and detritus (marine matter) to mollusks and crustaceans.

9. Rock Lobsters are thought to never stop growing and if they live long enough, they can reach up to 1m long!

10. Did you know that a Rock Lobster’s teeth aren’t in their mouth? They’re in the Lobsters stomach! Food is digested in the ‘gastric mill’. It looks just like three molar teeth.


Next time you take a road trip up the Coral Coast, remember these interesting facts about our amazing Rock Lobster. They may come in handy at your next pub quiz 😉 Keep in mind, we’ve focused these facts specifically on the Western Rock Lobster! We hope you’ve learned a few new things but if you want to dig deeper, then jump in on our Factory Tour next time you’re in town. Available to book here.

What was your favourite fact?[:]