Winter School Holiday Fun!

  It comes around quicker than Christmas! It’s school holiday time again and that means two whole weeks of entertaining the kids while trying to not pull your hair out. And while some may prefer to take the screen time options, we know that’s not how you want to make the most of the cooler […]

Welcome to winter in Cervantes | The top 4 reasons to visit

1. The Perfect Weather for Adventures! While Perth may be shivering through a freezing winter, just 2.5 hours up the coast you can find a seasonal reprieve, with temperatures ranging between 10-25 degrees from June to November.   The wind is at a peaceful, calm standstill, which means the perfect time for exploring sand dunes! […]

Reasons to love camping in Cervantes

As the temperature starts to drop, why not keep the kids entertained with a weekend trip to Cervantes. It’s only a two-hour drive north of Perth and is close enough for a quick weekend getaway, but far enough to have a good break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city.   […]

WA’s Road Trip Bucket List

West Australians, we are laid back, easy going and carefree. We have the beaches, the coastline views and the weather to enjoy relaxing weekends all year round. But WA certainly has an adventurous side and if the typical coastal drive just doesn’t cut it for you, then why not explore WA’s north coast a little […]

Fish Your Way Up The Coral Coast

Wanting to change up your weekend routine this season with a bit of excitement? Autumn is the perfect time of year for fishing off the North Coast of WA. Don’t let this season pass you by without road tripping the Coral Coast and testing out some of our favourite spots for every type of ocean […]