You might be wondering what it takes to pump out up to 400 lobster meals every day to excited, and hungry diners.

Well, if you ask Lee – our chief cook – it’s all in the preparation.

For those who do not know the Lobster Shack story, it all started with the Thompson family selling cooked Lobsters out of a store window on the ocean side, and has grown into the ultimate tourist destination, with new additions to the café occurring all the time!

According to Lee, it has been a challenging, but rewarding experience.

“When I was in this kitchen on the very first day, it was a small dine-in Lobster cafe and only me cooking meal and running the kitchen most of time,” Lee says.

“But now during the busy period, there’re more than 10 staff working in the kitchen.

“It’s more challenging than before. And I can see it growing bigger and better.”

As the chief cook , his role is to control and maintain the kitchen and staff, and ensure everyone has the best experience possible when they come to Lobster Shack.

On a day to day basis, Lee is responsible for assigning tasks to the kitchen staff, helping everyone to prepare in the lead up to the busy periods, checking stock level and ensuring all the food that comes out of the kitchen is up to Lobster Shack standards.

Lee says that the Lobster Shack team truly is a family.

“All of the staff and managers have a good relationship and they are a really family,” he says.“It’s not just like some kind of slogan.”

Lee enjoys living in the town of Cervantes, and working for Lobster Shack. He regularly works on how to improve the customer experience.

Lee was pivotal in the introduction of fried rice on our menu, for those people who prefer that to chips – which has proven to be a great success with our clientele.

One thing you may not know about Lee? He’s very bashful!

Next time you are up at Lobster Shack, when you are collecting your food, give a shout out to Lee!