Cervantes attracts a lot of holidaymakers from Perth and other communities around Western Australia, including windsurfers and backpackers during the busier tourist seasons. Although the town itself is rather quaint, there’s no shortage of activities for the young ones in your family!

Lobster Shack and Cervantes both have so much to do for families, and there’s something for everyone aged 0-99. Please remember, however, that your four-legged friends are not permitted in most of Western Australia’s parks, so either plan accordingly or leave a neighbour to come by and take care of your pup whilst on holiday.

A History of Family Fun in Cervantes

Much of the history of Cervantes revolves around fishing, a cornerstone of the city to this day thanks to plentiful varieties of fish and, of course, the famous Western Australia Rock Lobster.

The town takes its name from an American whaling vessel that was shipwrecked in 1844 just off the coast. Although the ship was anchored just off Thirsty Point, it was wrecked on a nearby island which was then named Cervantes. It wasn’t until the 1960s that the name was given to the quaint but growing fishing village on the mainland.

Perhaps thinking the vessel was Spanish in origin, the townspeople began naming conventions for their streets and avenues all influenced by towns in Spain. Although Don Quixote didn’t take place down under, the names nevertheless have Spanish-inspired names that give Cervantes a little more charm (although it had plenty to begin with!).

Cervantes was a hard-working fishing town for a long time and it wasn’t exactly the popular tourist destination that it is today. Families and children now have so much to do thanks to the boom in tourism and our landmark Lobster Shack attraction.

Things to Do for Families in Cervantes

Now that the town has earned itself a great reputation for quality tourism for just about anyone, families included, there are plenty of activities that children will find entertaining and engaging – perhaps even educational.

The Pinnacles

A natural wonder of Australia, the Pinnacles are located conveniently nearby in Nambung National Park. Children can enjoy the fun and exciting natural limestone formations while learning about natural geology with a guided tour.

Cervantes Holiday Park

Kids need to be kids and get out and play, which is why Cervantes and the Cervantes Holiday Park both have plenty of playgrounds and parks for children to let loose. It’s a good idea to pack a little scooter or bicycle so that they can get around a little easier. The town is safe and child-friendly, so let them make some friends and play while mum and dad enjoy some peace and quiet.

Activities at Lobster Shack

Many of the great attractions in Cervantes take place at or around Lobster Shack. We’ve got plenty of activities and tours for families, such as our Australian Sea Lion Tours, Stand Up Paddle Board Hire, and our educational Lobster Shack Factory Tour.

All of these activities are suitable for children, although young toddlers should always be supervised. Our SUP Board Hire is also ideal for children, especially adolescents and young adults looking for excitement.

After a full day out in the sun, why not catch some shade and try out the freshest catch of the day at Lobster Shack?

Lobster Shack

Come to Cervantes and visit us at Lobster Shack.