What to Look for in Accommodation in Cervantes in Western Australia

Cervantes is one of the most beautiful spots on the West Coast of Australia. There is much to see and do on this piece of paradise. This area is visited by millions of tourists each year and it is easy to see why. When you come to Cervantes it will be hard to live. As a tourist, you will need good accommodation for a perfect stay in Cervantes. Fortunately, there are many good accommodation facilities in this area. What can you look for to get the perfect spot?

Affordable rooms – so you get your money’s worth

There is a choice for every pocket depth in Cervantes. You will find backpacker dorms, the usual single/double hotel rooms, private lodge ensuite to high end three bedroom apartments with private balconies overlooking the sea.

If you are on a budget and like the idea of making new friends on your trips, the dorm rooms will be an ideal pick. If you have come to Perth and are looking for a high life weekend complete with a fishing experience in the deep sea, pick an apartment overlooking the sea to complete the deluxe feel.

Ideal location – so you get to enjoy everything in Cervantes

What have you come to see and do on the turquoise coast? If you are here to experience a coastal culture and the friendly atmosphere of the coast, you can take accommodation a bit inland where it is more affordable. If you are here to experience the salty breeze off the sea and take a dip in the sea in the morning, a beach front accommodation would be an ideal pick.

Connectivity – so you can enjoy the online world to find what you want in Cervantes 

Although internet connectivity is pretty much standard, speeds vary in different facilities. If you are in Cervantes for pleasure while expecting to keep tabs with your business, check out facilities with high-speed broadband that will capably handle Skype. If your needs are the occasional email, you can opt for the public cyber café.

Things to do in Cervantes – ask around or search online

Depending on the accommodation facilities you pick, some leisure activities could be included in the package. Examples are deep sea fishing expeditions and marine tours where you can see seals and whales swimming by if you are lucky. You could try out a hand at golfing if the facility you are in has a golf course. Whichever accommodation facility you choose, you are promised lots of fun in Cervantes.