What to Do For a Winter Date in Cervantes

Winter is here but you can hardly tell, because it is always nice and mild in Cervantes. Local couples hardly ever get bored as there’s a lot you can do in this exciting coastal town. If you live in or are visiting Cervantes and need some inspiration for winter dates, then you should check out […]

What You Can Expect From a Sea Lion Tour at Lobster Shack

Cervantes is a lovely holiday destination for those visiting Western Australia or taking day trips from Perth. There are many beaches to visit and glorious sights to check out, like Lake Thetis, Hangover Bay, and Thirsty Point lookout. One of the best activities to enjoy when you visit this region is an Australian Sea Lion […]

Spend Your Easter Long Weekend with Lobster Shack

Do you know what’s better than a long weekend? A long weekend spent in Cervantes!  Corny jokes aside, we can hardly wait to welcome everyone to Lobster Shack over the Easter Long Weekend. Our jam-packed lineup of family friendly activities is bound to keep the whole crew happy. For a long weekend filled with sunshine, […]

School Holidays at Lobster Shack

The kids in Western Australia will be running wild from 26 September – 11 October for the Spring School Holidays. The weather is perfection and it is the best time to explore the wonderful Coral Coast! If you’re scratching your head for things to do these holidays, we have a pretty good list of Perth […]

Top 10 Songs for a Classic Aussie Road Trip!

  If there is one thing us Aussies know is that it’s no road trip is complete without impromptu karaoke, breathless ballads and air guitars that can only be achieved with a killer playlist. So whether you’re a solo traveller, cruising with friends, family or playing taxi driver to the little ones over school holidays. […]

Top Five Wildflower Spots To Visit Around Cervantes

Wildflower season has finally arrived, which is basically Christmas time for us flora enthusiasts! In Western Australia we are particularly lucky as the state contains over 12,000 plant species, 60% of which cannot be found anywhere else around the world. Each year this magical flora show begins its journey from the northern pindan outback around […]

Why Cervantes is the perfect place to plan a Father’s Day adventure

Falling on the first Sunday of September each year, Father’s Day is fast approaching falling on the 2nd of September.   You may have started to brainstorm for the perfect gift to show your dad just how much you appreciate him. But if you are stumped for ideas, why not make this year extra special by […]

How to pack for your self drive tour

Your weekend is going to be a beautiful one. The sun will be shining, the car’s fuelled up, and you’re on your way to Cervantes for a road trip. But what to pack? Whether it’s an overnight stay, or a daily round trip, the essentials remain the same. With so much to explore and fun […]

Top 5 Facts: The Western Rock Lobster

When the B-52’s sang about that infamous Rock Lobster, you could be excused for thinking it was a mythical creature that only exists in the wild and totally out-there lyrics of the song. But up in Cervantes, just 2.5 hours north of Perth, the Western Rock Lobster is as iconic as Queensland’s Big Banana, New […]

Surf Your Way Up The Coral Coast.

1100 kilometres north of Perth lies the Coral Coast, home to world heritage listed beaches, turquoise waters, unique marine life and the Ningaloo reef. The area is renowned for its dynamic coastline allowing visitors to surf, snorkel and take a crack at water sports alike. However, if surfing is calling out your name, the Coral […]

Winter School Holiday Fun!

  It comes around quicker than Christmas! It’s school holiday time again and that means two whole weeks of entertaining the kids while trying to not pull your hair out. And while some may prefer to take the screen time options, we know that’s not how you want to make the most of the cooler […]

WA’s Road Trip Bucket List

West Australians, we are laid back, easy going and carefree. We have the beaches, the coastline views and the weather to enjoy relaxing weekends all year round. But WA certainly has an adventurous side and if the typical coastal drive just doesn’t cut it for you, then why not explore WA’s north coast a little […]

Fish Your Way Up The Coral Coast

Wanting to change up your weekend routine this season with a bit of excitement? Autumn is the perfect time of year for fishing off the North Coast of WA. Don’t let this season pass you by without road tripping the Coral Coast and testing out some of our favourite spots for every type of ocean […]

Why Cervantes is the best day trip ever!

You’ve got a beautiful weekend coming up. The petrol tank is full and you’re ready for an adventure. But where to go? North or south? East or west? Let the answer be, Cervantes!   It’s the perfect destination. With no need for an early rise on Saturday morning, get a good sleep and a hearty […]

Top 10 Self-Drive Trips North of Perth

If it feels like the Christmas holidays were a lifetime ago and you’re holding out for that next holiday but don’t want to break the bank, then why not embark on one of Perth’s many amazing self-drive trips? Autumn is the perfect time to explore WA’s sights with friendlier temperatures and lighter crowds. Starting from […]

Staycations- The Savvy Way to Vacation

  There is beauty and adventure to be found in our West Australian backyard yet we rarely take the time to discover it. We have the perfect excuses for you to explore more on your next long weekend and choose to travel local. 1.Up your tour guide game When is the last time you were […]

The top 7 reasons why you should day trip to Cervantes

It might be a case of bias, but we truly believe that Cervantes is one of the most amazing places in our neck of the woods. Often passed by on the way up north, Cervantes is a truly unique location in the world and is home to some of the most quintessentially Australian activities. We’ve […]

Top 10 things to do in Perth

Lonely Planet said of Perth, “laid-back, liveable Perth has wonderful weather, beautiful beaches and an easy-going character.” The natural beauty of Perth really has to be seen to be believed. But it’s not just the beauty that exists within the confines of the city, Western Australia has some of the most unique vistas and original […]