5 Winter Recipes Using Cervantes Western Rock Lobster

Who says you can’t take a souvenir home from your fave restaurant? Relive the great memories and pick up a fresh Western Rock Lobster, caught by one of our Lobster Shack skippers right here in Cervantes. “But what am I meant to do with the fresh lobster?” we hear you ask. Well, Lobster can be used […]

School Holidays at Lobster Shack

The kids in Western Australia will be running wild from 26 September – 11 October for the Spring School Holidays. The weather is perfection and it is the best time to explore the wonderful Coral Coast! If you’re scratching your head for things to do these holidays, we have a pretty good list of Perth […]

Shack Attack Sea Fishing Charters Perth

Is fishing a way of life? If you answered yes, we know you’ll fit right in on one of our Shack Attack fishing charters off Cervantes! We have been living and breathing the fishing lifestyle here at Lobster Shack for the last 60 years and we will happily continue to do so for the next […]

Name a More Unique Trio: Opera, The Pinnacles and a Seafood Dinner.

You heard right, The West Australian Opera is breaking through the glass ceiling and leaving the concert hall behind on April 27, 2019. Opera in the Pinnacles is coming back to Cervantes this April and it’s going to be bigger than ever before. Let us set the scene for you; it’s an evening under the […]

Our 10 Favourite Rock Lobster Facts

Rock Lobsters are obviously our number one favorite at Lobster Shack in Cervantes but they can be strange animals! They don’t have any vocal chords, you’ll find that they have two stomachs and so many other unusual facts. 1. Eight species of Rock Lobster are found in WA waters, but the most abundant by far […]