All You Need to Know About the Rock Lobster

Western ‘Rock Lobster’ is more than just a catchy song from the B-52’s; it’s the species listed as the most valuable for fisheries in Western Australia. What do you need to know about the Western Rock Lobster? In short, it’s a tasty meal best tried at our Lobster Shack restaurant for lunch. But there’s a […]

What’s Cookin’? 5 Must-Try Lobster Dishes at Lobster Shack

Enjoy fresh, tasty meals at our Lobster Shack restaurant in Cervantes, WA. Naturally, our restaurant overlooking the scenic Indian Ocean is the perfect place for a beer or a basket of chips, but the real showstopper won’t be a surprise: our seafood, and in particular, our lobster dishes with fresh, Western Rock Lobster. As with […]

Teach Your Children All About Lobsters At Our Factory Tours

A trip to Cervantes deserves at the very least a stop at our famous Lobster Shack restaurant for breakfast or lunch, but why not make the most of your trip and visit our production facility? Learn all there is to know about the Western Rock Lobster and our processing plant with a live guided tour. […]

What You Can Expect From a Sea Lion Tour at Lobster Shack

Cervantes is a lovely holiday destination for those visiting Western Australia or taking day trips from Perth. There are many beaches to visit and glorious sights to check out, like Lake Thetis, Hangover Bay, and Thirsty Point lookout. One of the best activities to enjoy when you visit this region is an Australian Sea Lion […]

Why Lobster Shack Is the Perfect Family Destination

Are you visiting Perth these school holidays? You are in for quite a treat because Perth offers a huge variety of fun things to do, wonderful food to try, and a lot of beautiful scenery to check out. With beaches to explore, water activities to enjoy, playgrounds to visit, and beautiful architecture to marvel at, […]