Deep sea fishing charters in Perth – What is the cost and what do you get?

Deep sea fishing in West Australia is one of the best marine experiences you can have in a lifetime. If you are a keen fisher, deep sea fishing in the waters off Perth will not disappoint you. This area is teeming with plenty of game fish. There are several charter services that will be only too happy to lead you to the right spots to get your fish.  They are available for different prices depending on the length of your fishing and the kind of extras you would like.

Deep sea fishing charges – what you get when you pay!

Deep sea fishing costs will usually start at $220 per person per day.   Charter services that have bigger boats will charge less for taking the whole boat.  For this price you will typically get:

  • Fishing Equipment
  • Bait
  • Fruity Muffins and snacks
  • Tea or Coffee
  • Soft Drinks and Chilled Water
  • Lunch

Many charters will allow you to bring your own gear. Charter services will offer high-quality fishing equipment for example:

  • Shimano Tyrons 20′s and 30′s fishing reels.
  • Shimano Beastmasters, Backbones and Nexaves fishing rods.
  • Spooled with 80lb coloured jigging braid.

Some charters will try to make your day more exciting by offering electronics that can sense fish in the water just like in commercial fishing operations. Some of this equipment can find fish at of up to 800m.

Fishing day – enjoying yourself in the seas!

The day starts off with the crew loading all the gear needed and other supplies on the boat. The breakfast can be had on the boat, or before you go into the sea depending on the timing. The crew will then lead you into areas they have marked as rich in the kind of fish you are looking to land. The crew will fix the fishing gear for you if you would prefer it that way, and also help you land the fish. When you get lucky, the crew will assist to land the fish if you need their assistance. They will then help spike, gut, and gill and put the fish on ice for preservation.

If you are in for the long wait, there is coffee and tea to keep you energised. Lunch will also be served if you prefer to eat at sea. The crew will also be happy to take pictures of you and your catch for those bragging rights on Facebook and Instagram. The charter costs typically include the fishing license for the duration.

What will you catch?

There are plenty of fish species in West Australia’s deep sea.  Many of anglers coming to this part are commonly looking for the species below

  • Baldchin Groper
  • King George Whiting
  • Samson Fish
  • West Australian Dhufish
  • Pink Snapper
  • Break-sea Cod
  • Nannygai
  • Yellow Tail Kingfish
  • Bronze Whaler
  • Thick Skin Sharks

A deep sea fishing experience off the coast is definitely worth trying.