Perth Day Trip

Perth is the perfect starting point for any day trip. While it may be the most isolated city in the world, is it just a short drive from some natural wonders and hubs of activity. Below we have outlined some of our favourite places to explore while visiting Perth, whether you are heading north, east or south!


Cervantes is possibly one of the best day trips available to those of us starting in Perth. A drive that is only 2.5 hours north of the capital city, it is really just a stone’s throw away.

There are plenty of fantastic activities you can enjoy while in Cervantes, but also plenty to marvel at on the car ride up. We have compiled our top recommendations of must see pit stops along the way.

To get the most out of your time on the road, we recommend choosing 3 of the below to make your day trip unforgettable and creating the perfect self-drive tour!

Hangover Bay

This beach offers a beautiful stretch of sandy shores that are perfect for a photo opportunity and a quick swim.  Hangover Bay is a great place for fishing, spotting bottlenose dolphins and the occasional sea lion! Located in Nambung National Park, it is only a short drive from the main road. While the road isn’t sealed, you don’t need a four-wheel drive to access the site.

Lake Thetis and Stromatolites

Located a short drive from the main stretch of Cervantes, these living fossils are a site to be seen! They have been dated at 3370 years old and formed by layers of bacteria deposit calcium which then allows for sediments within the lake to solidify into the iconic formations. This is a fantastic feature to show the kids and the lake itself has a fantastic walking path of 1.2km, perfect to stretch the legs out after being in the car.

The Pinnacles/ The Nambung National Park

Sandy yellow dunes and iconic rock formations, it is simply another world when you visit the Pinnacles. Located in Nambung National Park, this wild desert landscape sits on the very edge of the Indian Ocean. It is the ultimate spot in to marvel at some of the most impression limestone pillars you’ll ever lay eyes on. The perfect spot to take some photos and explore the great outdoors with the family.


Lancelin is located 127km north of Perth and features frontage to the Indian ocean and extensive white sand dunes that extend for 2km. These dunes are the largest in WA and make for an awesome day trip with the family. Popular activities that are fun for the whole family include; sandboarding, fishing and diving.

The Lobster Shack

No trip to Cervantes is finished without a trip to Lobster Shack. A visit isn’t complete without a fresh Lobster lunch and a tour of the Lobster processing plant. It’s a great way to enjoy a family run business, while also experiencing the wonders of the Indian Ocean.

Perth and surrounding

Day trips within Perth are the perfect way to escape the city and witness some of WA’s beauty. This city offers plenty of exciting destinations throughout the city and its outer suburbs. The city offers the perfect options for families, couples and explorers!

Kings Park

No trip to Perth is complete without visiting the inner city botanical gardens. With sweeping views over the city, native flora and fauna, walking tracks and parks, it’s a place the whole family can enjoy. So, let the kids run wild or if it’s a romantic afternoon, pack a picnic and watch the sun set over the swan river.


40 minutes from the city, Mundaring is the home to all things nature related. The perfect spot to try out the many walking, cycle and long-distance trials in the area, while enjoying the great outdoors. After you’ve worked up an appetite, head to one of the many local cafes and restaurants to end the day.

Swan Valley

Located just a quick 30-minute drive east from the city, you’ll find the Swan Valley. The region is home to some of the best wineries, boutique breweries and fresh produce, it should be on the must-see list. The area is perfect for couples and families alike with many venues catering for children.

West coast drive

The west coast of Australia is iconic for one main thing…our sunsets over the ocean. Start the ultimate self-drive tour along the metro coastline of Perth, running from Fremantle up until North Beach. We recommend stopping in and watching the sun dip below the horizon at Cottesloe for the ultimate Perth experience.